The flagship lightening

Homogeneous, non-volatile, highly active compact bleaching powder with a lightening degree of up to 8 tones.

Its protective formula with pectin respects and cares for the fiber.

Kblonde Advance

Leading-edge lightening

Bleaching powder, stable and with a lightening degree of up to 8 real tones.

Its protective formula with hyaluronic acid hydrates and protects hair during bleaching.

One of the most advanced performance bleaching product on the market

k.blonde protects and cares for the fiber and inspires the professional to create the most personalized and creative blondes.

Formulas with less impact on the environment.

Flexible packaging that leaves less of a footprint than rigid packaging due to 70% savings in plastic.

Kblonde Toner

k.blonde toners are vegan, ammonia-free toning creams. Take your creativity to the limit while repairing, softening and protecting the hair fiber.


The ultimate protection service


Combine K2.0 recover, our most avant-garde treatment that protects and restores the hair, with k.blonde to achieve the best performance.

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